We offer you a large panel of products to the best conditions....

Various technologies: Radars doppler, laser, piézo or induction loops...
Digital HD cameras systems, ANPR systems, back-office softwares...
Our long experience an strong competences will help you choose the best products adapted to your project.
  • LTI - TruCAM II

    LTI - TruCAM II

  • Jenoptik - Traffitop

    Jenoptik - Traffitop "tripod"

  • LTI - Truspeed Sxb

    LTI - Truspeed Sxb

  • Jenoptik Traffitop

    Jenoptik Traffitop "container"

  • Afficheur de vitesse RTD

    Afficheur de vitesse RTD

  • Jenoptik - MularadarCD

    Jenoptik - MularadarCD

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